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6/10 >試合のハーフタイム中にポジションとか確認してる、めっちゃマジ顔な帝光青赤。





His acting improved a lot and I think he is good. And I think that he’s really good at dancing. Maybe it’s about the preference who do you find good at something but to say he’s talentless - it’s a bit too much imo

Besides - he’s the one taking care about A LOT of things during concerts and lives. He’s the one who takes care and thinks about details, comes up with ideas ect I think it’s a big thing and can be count as a talent. Not everyone would be able to do this imo

And again - preferences - I find him attractive the same as bunch of other people. So no, it’s not “let’s be real” - it’s only your personal preference, which is fine to have but this here sounds like stating a fact, which is not true, at least not for everyone.

This is bullshit. I like to joke about Jun not being able to sing because, yes, he is not as good as the others. But to say he is talentless is bullshit. He may sound nasal while he sings but he can carry the tune, also I don’t know if you noticed, but Jun carries the low harmony for almost all of Arashi’s songs. Finding low harmony is not easy and being able to sing it means you have to have the ear for it, Jun clearly does and I respect him for that; because in all my years of singing I cannot sing low harmony that effortlessly. And his voice is not nasal when he sings in lower registers, he actually sounds quite nice.
Now to his dancing, which is actually quite good. Clearly you are blind, because Jun’s dancing is one of the best in the group. As a dancer, I find fault with almost everyone in Arashi’s dancing (except Leader lol), Jun is far from bad at dancing so I think you need to rethink your statements before you make them.
I’m not even gonna touch your opinion about his acting because clearly you have never watched anything he has been in.
In terms of his face, really? Are we really gonna do this? Because honestly, to me at least, no one in Arashi is that attractive. My first opinion about them was that they look weird. But I grew to like them. Looks are not everything.. clearly not because Arashi has been popular for years.
You have a clear bias in the group which I don’t really mind because everyone has their favourites. But to bash someone else in the group, do think your beloved ichiban would be happy with you? To belittle and insult one of their best friends? Nah, I think they’d hate you. But maybe you’re just a rude person who has little to no respect for others. :)

Don’t even get me started on this.

Arashi x Strawberry Spaghetti 

We may do things like singing unskillfully, dancing clumsily, talking without being funny at all, but in all of them, we put our own feelings. We tried to make everyone have fun, I think we had fun. Certainly, everyone will look back and remember this concert.

Well, we’ll do our best. But you make sure to do your best too.

Ninomiya Kazunari, Time (2007).

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» 30 Days of Anime Challenge

Day 10 - Anime that changed you

hmmm… Code Geass. this anime taught me that your very best friend even could sell betray you :’D i hate you kururugi suzaku  but also made me appreciate things like family, friendship and love more.

from all of anime that I’ve seen, i learned that “The world is cruel and merciless… yet so beautiful”.

yes, life is hard but happy :)